Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Latest Apocolypse Event

A bit of a late post but we wanted to share. One of our friends, Seth, is being deployed over to the middle east.  To see him off we decided to throw him a surprise Apocalypse game.

Everything was going swell up until the last moment when a war-machine tournament was announced it looked like it would push us back a week (and into Jason's deployment).

Fortunately for us we decided to bring everything, the tables and terrain.

Before breaking into sides we gave Jason's ultramarine's a little extra kick for the game:

The forces were Chaos, Orks and Necrons Vs the combined might of the Ultramarines, Blood angels and Eldar.  We decided to bring as many superheavies as we could, we ended up with 2 Baneblades, 1 Stormlord, a Necron Pylon, Revenant Titan and Ork Stompa.

The game went quick, explosions all around including some very nasty flank march Ork units.  We ended up with a vortex grenade flying around half of the table gobbling up super-heavies. (sorry for lack of pics, we were having a grand time, blowing everything up.

 Some good moments: At a certain point the Necrons took control of my Revenant with their stratagem and blew the back out of the storm lord. Revenge was vowed and heres what it looked like.  (Hint: it did not end well for the Necron Lord)


  1. Umm not to be too picky, but Jason is still here. It's his brother Seth who is going to the big ugly with a rifle. Sheesh, just like the furity fluffy eldar to not even remember their men's names!

    Purge the hertics!!

  2. Err, well, I mean, umm, Heretics! Yes, Heretics! One of them darn Xenos machine creepies got in and made it look like I misspelled something. Will they never sink low enough to try and discredit the true servants of the emperor?

  3. How do you think the necrons felt,being lumped in with a bunch of warp headed freaks? Here weare purging the entire universe and all ofthe suddenwe're tossed in to help the warps.....bah we'll just leave the mess for another time to clean up; when you live for millions of years you learn to take your time.

    (Glad to give Seth such a fun and exciting send off)