Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Revenant Titan Project

So this is the first time i've tried to do some tiered shading with the airbrush.  We plan on using this bad boy at Gamesday for our Super-heavy battle table.  

The hope is folks can bring their own if they have it.  My loving wife got this for me at Christmas, i had no idea it was coming, hope you folks enjoy the progress

First we have the base, I took a small wooden base from a local store and added some Pomerez and a few rocks from the "random stuff" tray in my bitz box.  The Pomerez went on as a smooth paste but dried and cracked apart, i was actually glad because it gave the illusion of a torn up piece of ground. barbed wire came from a GW barbed wire set back when they still made it.

I didn't take many pictures of the construction but i must say he's harder to fit together than i had originally thought.  Most of the pictures you see on forgeworld tend to show them in the air or leaning so far forward it looks like they will tip over.  I was going for that originally and then decided it was too complicated,  Everything was cleaned and dry fit and pinned with brass or coat-hanger wire before assembly.

The Pulsars, i had to boil the top one a few times before it would straighten out:

Posing the feet, you can see the hanger wire that runs from the base thru the knee and upper leg:

I did a lot more assembly before these next shots, i pinned the spinal column and added the Torso & Jets on the top/sides:

Now to the painting, My Eldar are Craftworld Yme-Loc, so i was trying to keep to the grey/orange scheme, this works out to go great on tanks but i was not sure about a titan.  It does look like the normal resin grey, i ended up using Sea Grey on the major parts and light gray on raised parts on the front/side armor and knee-pads. For the carapace I took progressively lighter oranges from bottom to top, including the fins in the back:

Next shot is the shoulders, i really tried to use the three colors i did on the carapace as shaded going up towards the head.  I'm planning on doing the gems last, they are all imperial blue right now, trying to contrast it with the orange, will do the three layer with the dot effect, not to sure i can pull it off on all of them.

Last shot for now.  I finished the base, I may put a lighter tone on the base with the grass to brighten it up slightly, Arms have been base-coated Sea Grey.  Not sure what I'm going to do for the armor around the back of the pulsar.  Still not sure about the pulsar color either.

To do:
Paint Cockpit, Eldar Gems(argh), Lighten brown on the base, varnish the black around the base rim, Highlight/Shade the joints, Finish eyes and Helmet Front.

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  1. Nice Titan paint job! The way it looks is simple but very refined in the way it is painted/
    heh heh, and I especially enjoyed using it to attack it's own team. Hurray For the Void Dragon Giver of My Power to Control Machines!!